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He began his 69th year in September.

Gets acquainted with the principles of yoga
at the age of 17, taught by his main teacher,
Eng. Ventsislav Evtimov.

Board member of the Bulgarian Yoga Federation
and its President in office in the years 2005 – 2008.

Bronze medal at the first National Yoga Championship. Kyril has systematically studied and taught yoga practices for 20 years.

„It is important to perform the postures focused, without effort. Entering them should be smooth and easy. Your mind must be directed at the hands and feet and heart. Every cell of your body must participate. While performing the asana, your mind must stay in the present … Here and Now. „

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The Path of Orpheus

Rodopi mountain has green eyes, white cheeks, blue earrings, a starry hairband, a necklace of songs, a warm bosom and golden brilliance*.
Rodopa does not speak, it sings like a young girl … when she stands, the sun shines, when she walks, the wind blows, when she speaks, pearls rattle. And our hearts beat lovingly.

Rodopi, the mountain of Orpheus, is an enlightenment for Europe, it is happiness to the world, and a cosmic message for the future. It awaits you with songs and love.

From the Bulgarian people I learned why the oak is a sanctuary. Why mistletoe is music. Why cones, lescott, acorns bear more when a harsh winter approaches. How the leaves of poplars show what kind of winter is coming. What birds talk when they come or when they leave. The augural signs of birds. When cats cry. Why dogs howl. What cows feel when they moo during an earthquake. Why horses recognize the approaching death of their owner. When swallows fly low or high. When sheep gather straw in their lips. Why crows flock together. Why eating the heart of a snake can give you the power to understand the song of birds. What the woods whisper, what salamanders say, what clouds write, what theater the mists perform, why mice are clairvoyants, why ants, bats and the moon hide the mystery of love.


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